Friday, February 25, 2011

for just a second

There are some moments in my life where it feels like everything stops, just for a second. And in that second I have an overwhelming feeling that I am living for something more than what I am able to see.

I had one of those moments, tonight. I was standing at the top of a building, on the 64th floor, on a luxurious patio, looking over this City of Angels.

It has been an interesting week, full of wealth and unpredictability.

I've been to a buddhist ceremony, an expensive dinner for American ivy league graduates, and a debriefing session for freelance journalists (and anyone else who could come along for the show). I've been praying my heart out for people in Tripoli and Christchurch, while trying to get my head around the fact that I live in Asia. And I have been listening to the new Radiohead.

There are parts of it that are ephemeral and parts that are eternal.

My heart feels like it is wrestling, trying to understand my own unpredictable life and dying to reach that place of destiny. In many ways, I am wondering what wealth I bring to this time and place. And whether I will come away with things that are going to last.

God only knows. I do wish I'd had my camera on the top of that building. The view of this sprawling city is incredible.

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