Tuesday, April 5, 2011

staying on the path.

"There is no one like you..." - King David (2 Samuel 7)

I love how David prayed. Just saying. The man spoke out some good words. There is a deeper place of prayer, passion and promise that I have been going to lately. It's like going to my favourite barrista with an old friend - a familiar, easy to find place. And that feeling of honesty and spiritual realness with the one who knows me best is just a really great place to be... a new season for me.

A friend of mine said this morning: "it's your quiet time". She meant that I get to be still, enjoy life as it unfolds, not worry, love in the moment, rest, listen, hope, dream, know, create, believe, write, read, think, pray ... and she is right. This season is all about just being in that quiet place.

And, I am loving it.

I am leaving for Myanmar on Friday morning. A Canadian man (from my hometown) was recently arrested in a northern region of Myanmar. I've just been reading the news coverage (what little there is of it). It looks like it was an adventure that kind of went all wrong. He was in the wrong place, taking pictures, and has been charged as an illegal immigrant.

My ever so slightly worried, always so sincerely loving Dad was asking me if I really have to go there right now. I've definitely wondered whether I have any wisdom at all in going. But a child-like hope rises in my soul at knowing I am invited to a new place. My sense of wonder and adventure at going is too strong. The spirit leads me and I have peace and expectation in this journey.

I will be wise. I will be staying on the well-beaten path (for once). No wandering into the trees with my camera. My path is well travelled from Yangon, to Nagpali Beach, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake. I'll be finding artists, drinking tea in tea shops, soaking up the sun on a beach christened by a homesick Italian, finding peace in the history and faith of ancient cities, and riding my bike around a beautiful lake. It is going to be my quiet time.

In all of it, I want to pray... with a passionate poetry instead of prescribed praises. There's a sacred romance to this trip - an indescribable, but deeply felt mysticism. A new path is set before me. And, I know the one who leads me is with me.

"You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand." - King David (Psalm 16)

Please pray for me to walk, ride and fly in safety. Because, I've got a whole lot of ridiculous joy - and a whole lotta love - as my heart seeks for the one who leads me on this path of life.

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